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Daniel Abrams is passionate about art . He has a Master of Fine Art, received grants, awards, shown nationally and has taught in Italy. His installation practice has benefited from his artistic eye. For 12 years he has been installing and managing collections, working with galleries, museums, private dealers and collections, artists, designers and corporations.

Abrams Art Collection Services is a comprehensive art management company.

We offer:

  • Professional installation
  • Coordination of Packing
  • Crating and Shipping
  • Coordinating framing
  • Database management

List of Clients

    Mike Weiss Gallery

    Worth Art Advisory

    Elisa Contemporary

    Susan Eley Fine Art

    Griffin Editions


    Spitzer Engineering

    Peninsula Hotel

    Medusa Properties

    Mancini Design

    Workshop APD


    il mulino

    Abrams Art Collection Services