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All of our installers have 3 years professional experience and are fully trained in safe art handling practices. All installations are treated as if we are installing in our own homes.  

 We install:

  • Paintings
  • Framed artwork
  • Sculptures
  • Video Art
  • Wall installations
  • Ceiling pieces
  • Mirrors

As each install requires site- specific work our trained art handlers have strong practical skills and understand the structural quality of different art techniques in use today.    Our clients are left feeling safe and secure .

install hoooks
hammer and supplies
install d-rings


We will oversee all facets of your collection.

We offer to:

  • Coordinate framing
  • Creating inventory reports
  • Catalogue your Collection
  • Create condition reports
  • Verify and track storage
  • Draft consignment and loan agreements


We ship pieces domestically and internationally, working closely with our craters and shippers to ensure a safe and timely shipment. Internationally we work only with freight forwarders who have proven themselves adept at handling international documentation and transportation for either air or sea shipments. For domestic shipments we find the best results for you: either in speedy shipments by air or cost-effective shipments over land.



We use only archival materials for the protection of your piece. We pack your artwork safely and securely to protect against damage while being transported and/or stored.